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Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy is critical in the process of recovery from any joint surgery. At Optimus we work with patient through this process by addressing problems such as pain, swelling, limitation of motion and decreased strength. We utilize proven techniques in alleviating these symptoms to regain maximum function. For our patients that had knee or hip replacement we assist our patients regain balance, and ability to walk without any device. Patients may also request for any sport specific training such as Golf instructing patients on protecting new joint while continuing to enjoy the sport they want to continue to play.

We also offer pre operation consultation for free prior to surgery where we show exercises that will help prepare the individual for their upcoming surgery. Please call Optimus Health Center for more information.

To accelerate recovery after knee injuries or surgery we use a device called GAME READY. This device is clinically proven, evidence-based efficacy in reducing pain, swelling and muscle spasm.


This is common condition is a condition causing heel pain, or pain along the arch of the foot. The staff at Optimus can help by teaching patients appropriate stretching techniques to improve ankle flexibility, application of Modalities, Manual Therapy, and application of Kinesiotaping has proven to be successful in alleviating this problem.


Making an accurate assessment of the source of the pain is the key to treating Low Back Pain and Neck pain, making the right assessment of the problem leads to the right treatment. At Optimus we have therapist that are trained in McKenzie Technique to assess and treat Low Back and Neck Pain. Along with other treatment techniques such as Manual Therapy including spinal and soft tissue mobilization, modalities that we utilize assist us in helping our patients recover quickly.

Try our Spinal Decompression Therapy using TRITON DTS.

Treatment for many back conditions that require increase in blood and nutrient exchange to aid in the spinal healing process will benefit with the use of the Triton DTS. The Triton Decompression Traction System treatments utilizes FDA-cleared equipment with proven safety and efficacy.

Stop by at Optimus and ask us about how we can help you using the Triton Decompression Traction System.


The staff at Optimus can help patients with regaining mobility with their new prosthesis though strengthening exercises, controlling of swelling, instructing patients on managing phantom limb pain we also address other issues such as balance, and core strengthening, We work together with other providers associated with the care of the patient such as their Prosthetist to coordinate of prosthesis adjustment if needed. Whether it is to get back to walking or play or work our goal is to get each of our patients to achieve this maximum return to function.


Lymphedema is swelling seen on the arms and legs due to inadequate draining of the lymph fluid within the lymph vessels. This can occur on its own ( abnormal formation of lymph nodes since birth), or as a result of surgery resulting in removal or injury to the lymph vessels, for example after a mastectomy, radiation treatment due to cancer or cancer cells blocking the vessels.

At Optimus Health Center we therapist are trained in Manual Lymph Drainage Technique (MLD) and in Comprehensive Decongestive Therapy (CDT). That can evaluate and provide the best treatment for this type of condition. The patient will have a thorough evaluation followed by the treatment component of Manual Lymph Drainage, application multi-layer short stretch compression bandaging, lymphatic exercise, and patient instruction on skin care, compression wrap care and self –management. The treatment frequency starts at daily for the first week (5 days/week) then 3x / week or until the reduction of volume has reached a plateau which is around 3 – 8 weeks depending on severity. Then the patient will be instructed on a self-management program prior to discharge.


Optimus Health Center will work on open wounds care associated with Lymphedema management only.


Peripheral Neuropathy is a result of damage to peripheral nerves causing weakness, pain and numbness on the involved limb or part of the body. Causes of Neuropathy could be from Diabetes, poor dietary choices leading to vitamin deficiencies, auto-immune diseases such as GBS, and trauma or pressure to the nerves such as presence of tumors pressing on a nerve. At Optimus Health Center we provide our patients a treatment regimen consisting of increasing circulation on the involved extremity or area, followed by moderate intensity exercises, balance and coordination activities.


Vertigo is the sensation that you are spinning, or your head is spinning, increasing the chances falls. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a common cause of Vertigo. BPPV causes dizziness when your head is moved in certain position that occurs suddenly after the movement. This occurs when tiny calcium crystals breaks off and moves to another part of the inner canals, stimulating nerve endings causing the dizziness.

At Optimus your therapist will perform a thorough evaluation to confirm the cause of the patient’s vertigo and will perform a procedure known as Epley’s Maneuver which consists of positioning the head in different directions to move the crystals back to its appropriate position. We also include balance, coordination, strengthening for fall prevention.


Physical therapy after a stroke is an important part of the recovery process to regain independence in mobility and improve the overall quality of life. As part of our rehabilitation program we help our patients learn skills that have been lost after the patient’s stroke. The staff at Optimus utilizes various treatment approaches addressing areas that affect the patient’s mobility in order to achieve independence and improve overall quality of life.


Osteoporosis is the weakening of the bones and can affect anybody at any age that lessens the bones ability to withstand falls making it susceptible to fractures; osteoporosis can also pain and limits the ability to carry out day to day task
The staff at Optimus can help keep your bones healthy by prescribing appropriate weight bearing exercises to improve bone density, improve balance and coordination to reduce risk of falls, various therapeutic exercises through the use of weights, resistance bands, water resistance such as in Aquatic Therapy .Teach patients on proper posture and recommend bracing for posture or to promote healing if indicated.


Optimus also provide rehabilitation for workers who have suffered injuries from overuse or traumatic injuries. It is important to return the injured worker back to their workplace at the shortest possible time from the time of injury. The therapist at Optimus’ goal is to achieve the best possible outcome by utilizing various therapy techniques .Work conditioning for the injured worker may be requested by the patient’s physician to meet the demands of a specific job requirement may be requested by the patient’s physician.


After an injury patients often want to return back to their recreational or competitive sport that they play. At Optimus Health Center we understand this need from each of our patients and it is our goal to help our patients return to the previous level of their game at the best and safest way possible. Our rehabilitation program is sport specific, addressing areas that are critical to the athlete’s performance.

Optimus Health Center is SPORMETRICS CERTIFIED, Sportmetrics the first ACL injury prevention program proven to decrease knee ligament injuries, by analyzing and improving jumping and landing techniques. Sportmetrics incorporates four components of exercises for maximum efficiency; it integrates joint preparation, plyometric, strength and flexibility. Call us for more information.


Aquatic therapy is the treatment and rehabilitation, prevention and wellness in an Aquatic environment. The unique properties of water the warmth of the water and its massaging effects allow muscles to relax while helping reduce pain after an injury. The buoyancy of water makes it easy to perform exercises that could be difficult on land base therapy. Warm water reduces pain, water viscosity and the use of adaptive water equipment can help strengthen muscles, trunk stability and stimulates body awareness.


Obesity is becoming a nationwide epidemic for both children and adults that can contribute to diseases, joint pain and in some cases limits the ability to perform daily activities such as walking. At Optimus we can help our clients achieve their weight loss goal by creating an exercise program focused building muscle strength, improving flexibility and range of motion. Our program is designed to help improve cardiovascular function, and increase overall tolerance to activities. We make exercise fun and pain free allowing our clients to enjoy leading to high compliance towards changing to a healthier lifestyle.


LSVT ( Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) BIG Program is treatment for patients with Parkinson’s Disease documented as an effective treatment in improving movement amplitude and speed, balance and overall quality of life. The goal of this intensive program is for patients to carry over the change of movement in day to day activities.

For more info call Optimus or go to for more patient resources.


For better results prior to surgery you can consult the therapist at Optimus for per-op conditioning exercises targeting muscle groups that will help in faster recovery.


Exercises during and post cancer treatment can help reduce fatigue, increase strength, improve flexibility performed in safe intensity. Exercises will also prevent complication of immobility and promote a feeling of overall wellbeing.


Your physical therapist at Optimus can help identify potential factor that can contribute to a patient’s risk for falls. Problems such as joint stiffness, muscle weakness, lack of activity, from aging, or from any other medical condition. At Optimus we will help reduce the risk of falling by improving mobility, strength, posture and body awareness.


Lack of exercises and activity can lead to health problems, we can help avoid this by providing our clients with a gym environment that encourages our clients to participate and maintain an exercise routine.


We can create a program to prepare patient prior to bariatric surgery, the program is also designed to allow the patient to maintain and continue with their program as part of their long term plan.