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Rehabilitation Services

Post Knee, Shoulder, & Hip Surgery
Plantar Fasciitis
Low Back & Neck Pain
Amputee Rehab

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Sports Medicine

Spine & Sports Rehab

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Aquatic Therapy

Weight Loss Program

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Acute & Chronic Pain Therapy

Wound Care
Diabetic Neuropathy

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Strength and Balance Rehab

Vesibular Rehab
Stroke Rehab

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Job Injuries

Workman’s Comp
Industrial Rehab

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    Shoulder image Optimus Health Center has been serving our community for over 30 years; our unique team of Physical Therapists has combined experience of over 60 years. We provide patient centered, evidence based, and various therapy techniques applied through many years of practice in Physical therapy. Our hands on approach to our treatments drive the best results possible; we are committed to improve our patient’s quality of life after an injury, illness, surgery or from any chronic medical condition with the goal of each patient return to an active productive lifestyle.

    Patients have a choice in therapy clinics – choose Optimus Health Center for Physical Therapy. Stop by and we will be glad to answer your questions, tell you what we can do for you and show you our facility.


    Patients with private insurance can now see a therapist without a prescription from their doctor.

    In the State of Tennessee legislation was passed allowing licensed Physical Therapist to evaluate and treat patients without first consulting a Physician. With the patients permission we can send the patient records to a physician of their choice if they wish and if they do not one we can help recommend one for them.

    The Physical Therapist at Optimus Health Center has extensive experience in Physical therapy that allows us to treat our patients effectively and recognize symptoms if consultation from a physician is necessary.

    The Benefits of Direct Access to patients are:

    • Accessibility and timely treatment, this promotes the best outcome if intervention is started early.
    • Patients can have early pain relief, improve movement, restore function and avoid delay in restoring function and reduce healing time.
    • It saves money for the patients by reducing physician visits and costly testing.
    • It allows for earlier return to work, and play the sports you love.

    For Medicare and TnCare patients , you can stop by and the therapist can perform a brief consultation but we will need a referral from a physician prior to evaluating and treatment, but we can help make recommendations to help patients find the best physician for their care.

    Call us for more information regarding Direct Access.

    Fitness and Wellness Center

    Silver Sneaker and Silver and Fit Members Are Welcome

    our mission is to promote the general wellness and health needs of our community. we are committed to serving our clients of all ages and physical conditions, we plan to educate, promote and empower our clients to take responsibility for their health and wellness.

    wellness is a change in a way of life and we make it easy for our clients by making recommendations and guiding our members to all their fitness needs.